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A buddy of mine told me recently that he hadn’t jerked off in months. Since he always came off as a jerk to me I wondered if he was actually telling the truth. I decided to push him a little bit and see if he would spill the beans and my conclusion was that he was indeed telling the truth.

I wasn’t sure if I should give him a pat on the back or a slap across the face because I wouldn’t be able to go a couple of days without busting a nut. I figured I might as well put him to the test so I sent him a good amount of Step Sister Porn and told him to just go nuts with it.

It might seem like a strange choice for porn to send someone who stopped jerking off but in my mind, it was going to work. I knew before I even needed to ask that it was going to work and work nicely as I knew it would. He even said he felt so good about it that he even went back for seconds at and I say good for him for giving it a shot!

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